Science Code Slam 2021

Science Code Slam 2021

A center-wide Science Code Slam marked the end of 2021 at ML2R. The researchers of the Competence Center worked in virtual topic groups on a variety of questions surrounding Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The ML2R team actively promotes forward-looking AI research in the Rhine and Ruhr region.

Series on AI ethics in the ML2R Blog

ML2R-Blog: Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial friendships with machines, challenges of fair Artificial Intelligence, and accountability of AI-based decisions: In a three-part series, the ML2R-Blog addresses the topic of AI ethics. Sara Mann, Astrid Schomäcker and Eva Schmidt give readers exciting insights into current research on the ethically responsible design of AI systems.

Scientists from ML2R, Fraunhofer ITWM, and DLR attended the ML2R Symposium on Quantum Machine Learning.

ML2R-Symposium on Quantum Machine Learning

At a symposium on May 5, ML2R scientists discussed the latest scientific findings on Quantum Machine Learning together with experts from Fraunhofer ITWM and DLR. In the research area Machine Learning on quantum computers, ML2R researchers develop ML algorithms and solutions using state-of-the-art quantum processors.